About Mango Mobility

Excellence in Design

Quality of Life is our motto. Mango Mobility started over 30 years ago as a world leader in the design of lifesaving rescue gear and equipment.

Today we innovate, design, develop, manufacture and distribute high quality manual and electrical wheel chairs and mobility scooters. This includes medical equipment and medical devices for individuals, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and governments.

Mango Mobility is working with international partners by improving people’s lives by creating innovative high quality products and services. We manufacture medical equipment and medical devices in our many factories located in Europe, South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan and China under strict codes of practice and are fully quality controlled.

Customer Focus

Our goal is to “ Improve the Quality of Lives” as our customers come first. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectation of our customers and clients both in Australia and internationally.

We are committed to building a good relationship based on trust through a prompt and professional response with our customers.

Finding your own wheel chair is a special process, because each individual is different. Your wheel chair needs to fit you and feel comfortable. We work with you and your therapist for the right function and fit.


Over the past few years we have designed several new mobility products for the handicap market, eg : Beach Wheel Chairs, Magnetic Ergo, Silvertail Manual Wheel Chair, Portable Mobility Scooter, Stair Climber, and the Silvertail Scooter.

We continually redefine our business and are proactive with innovating effective products, our processes and solutions.

We distribute and supply our products worldwide to 130 countries, individuals, hospitals,  nursing homes, clinics and governments.

Personal quality control in our factories

Supply Nation Red LogoMango Mobility is a Certified Supplier by the Supply Nation Indigenous Business Organisation.

I love the NDIS-logoMango Mobility is a Registered NDIS Provider – No. 4050027590